Dropbox Hires Away Google’s Guido Van Rossum, The Father Of Python

Quem pode, pode.


The original open source software “Benevolent Dictator For Life” and author of Python, Guido van Rossum, is leaving Google to join Dropbox, the startup will announce later today. Van Rossum was a software engineer at Google since 2005, and should be a huge help as Dropbox is built on Python. He’s the latest big hire by the cloud storage startup that’s capitalizing on its 100 million-user milestone.

After creating Python in 1991, van Rossum became the first BDFL, a title later awarded to other computer science legends like Linus Torvalds for spawning Linux and David Heinemeier Hansson for developing Ruby on Rails. The distinction means van Rossum has the final word on disputes about his coding language in the open source community.

Guido PythonPython has been a backbone of Dropbox since its early days as it allowed the startup to write code once but deploy it across platforms…

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